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Specialized Auto Industry Research Fund

The council supports research work aimed at advancing the frontiers of technological development of the sector. This is to be done by direct grant to related research project. Research would only be supported if the assessment panel finds that;

  • It is relevant to the development of the automobile sector;
  • It is technically feasible and have potential for commercialization
  • The raw materials, infrastructure and the relevant man power to conduct the study are available.


The take off of this scheme was advertised and a number of organization have submitted R&D proposal for funding. A project "the development of production tools for the commercial production of 3 hp petrol engine" submitted by Prof.A.O.A. ibhadode of the University of Benin has been funded with N3.33585 million. Other application are been assessed.

Establishment of automotive test centre

National automotive council (NAC) is to establish a test centre to achieve the following objectives:

  • To ensure the safety and health of Nigerians
  • To develop local automotive content
  • To ensure the good operation and maintenance of Nigerian vehicles
  • To obtain capability to conduct homologation tests
  • Pursuing automotive components import deletion programme
  • Implementation of gazette on patronage
  • Organize auto workshop/exhibition
  • Cultivate maintenance culture
  • The development of Nigerian vehicle
  • Project /studies on pricing policies and measures
Provision of Physical Infrastructure

The projects are aimed at expanding the existing infrastructure by way of physical addition, and modernization for efficiency and increased productivity including quality assurance.

Specifically the auto components test center would be funded as it would give local plants the opportunity to improve the quality of their products through rigorous and comprehensive test procedures.

To achieve these objectives the NAC is to;

Establish 100 automotive safety standards with Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON)

Establish the following laboratories:

  • Component Testing Lab
  • Automotive Material Lab
  • Emission Testing Lab
  • Vehicle Evaluation Lab
  • Fatigue/Structural Evaluation Lab
  • Power Train Evaluation Lab
  • Automotive Electronics Lab
  • Noise/Vibration Lab

The feasibility study for the establishment of the test centre has just been concluded.

Nigerian Vehicle Project

National automotive council (NAC) has a programme for the design and prototyping of a low cost Nigerian vehicle. Activities under the programme this year includes:

Collaboration with UNIDO on a Low Cost Vehicle Project on

The objective of this collaboration is to develop a comprehensive blue print for the development of a low cost vehicle sector in Nigeria.

Development of a Truck/Van

NAC is working with the Nigerian automotive industry to develop a truck/van for the commercial use and passenger transport.

Collaborating with Martaba Technologies

NAC is collaborating with Martaba Technologies of United States, to design and develop a van that will be well suited to Nigerian conditions.

Programmes and Projects of the Centre Automotive Design and Development (CADD)

The merger of the council with CADD is anticipated. This means that all the projects and programme of CADD will be assumed by the new body to be called the National Automotive Design and Development council (NADDC). These projects include the acquisition and effective deployment of computer work stations, engineering design software and Computer Numerical Control Machine (CNC) machines.