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The council has developed major projects in pursuits of its mandate. These include;

Automotive sub sector development fund

Following the presidential approval on May 17, 2003 and the signing of the Managed Fund Agreement in March 2004, the NAC Auto Development Funds (NAC ADF) was launched. The NAC ADF has since its establishment received application from industry practitioners and research institutions. Key consideration in processing these applications have been the selection of projects that will ensure the rapid realization of Nigeria’s import deletion program objective, and those found to advance the frontiers of technology acquisition and transfer.

Industrial infrastructure services
  • Peugeot Nigeria Ltd .(PAN),Kaduna,
  • Volkswagen of Nigeria Ltd. (VWON), Lagos.
  • Anambra Motor Manufacturing Company (ANAMMCO),
  • Styer Nigeria Ltd. Bauchi
  • National Truck Manufacturer (NMT),Kano
  • Leyland Nigeria Ltd. Ibadan

Government has now withdrawn from these industrial investments having recognized private sector initiative as essential for profitable operation.